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Premium Kitchen Renovation Contractors in North York

A kitchen is where you start and conclude your day in every home. A site of such significance needs to be perfect, and only a few know how to maintain it when it is not in the best shape. Refurbishing your kitchen by adding new cabinets, sinks, lights, paint, or new drawer faces is something that can multifold the value of your property. Canary Construction is a legitimate kitchen renovation contractor in North York, Toronto. Our experts ensure you get a modern cooking place with upgraded materials and new styles to receive the utmost appreciation from guests. With a kitchen makeover, we will bring your dreams to life.

Kitchen Refurbishing Services in North York

  • Refurbishing kitchen floor tiles and adding new seating
  • Substituting cabinets and installing a new sink in Condo
  • Adding modern countertops and new appliances
  • Putting lights under cabinets and making necessary plumbing upgrades
  • Backsplashes behind sink and stove and painting the walls

Let us do the Honor

If you are in pursuit of replacing rusty, worn-out cabinets and drawers with new ones, Canary Construction is a place to drop in. Here we have masters of renovation art, and we are equipped with technical and aesthetic knowledge to make your cooking place more appealing. From making minor renovations to building a brand-new kitchen in your home, we are at your service for everything you want.

Pledging excellence to our clients, experts here will make a thorough plan and give you a guess of the possible budget per your requirements. We are proud kitchen renovation contractors that know how to build average or high-class kitchens to satisfy our customers.

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Our Services

Main floor Kitchen Makeover

For some people, the kitchen is not just a place to cook but an area to sit, talk and prepare meals with their loved ones. A place of such significance must be more spacious, easy to move, and inviting to achieve these goals. To make it a fascinating place for families, the kitchen design and layout should be perfect and you cannot achieve this without the help of a professional designer. Canary Constructions will make a kitchen that you will start loving immediately because we understand that a kitchen is a place where you create unforgettable memories.


Condo Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a kitchen within a condominium is often complex because this kind of transformation needs approval from the condo corporation. But this factor cannot restrict you from having a dream kitchen inside your living place. Condo-owners are considering renovating the kitchen because it can increase the value of this property. This renovation will expand the space to adjust kitchen appliances and equipment. You can hire us for this job to avoid unexpected hassle during work because our contractors are known for exceptional refurbishing skills.

Design your Kitchen in North York, Toronto

Brilliant designs yield a gorgeous kitchen. We appreciate your involvement, and our specialist designers prefer to sit with homeowners to craft a flawless remodeling or renovation plan. From traditional makeovers to stark ultra-remodels, we have experienced artistry to bring your design into this world. Our experts are curious about your must-haves, and they will love it if you start the conversation.

Our 3D facility and ready-made kitchen models can help you to experience what your transformed kitchen will look like. We suggest perfect energy-efficient windows that will blend with your new kitchen design. If you need a dependable kitchen renovation contractor in Toronto, reach out to us for the best renovation ideas.

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