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Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Vaughan

Our company has customer-oriented contractors that prioritize serving clients with flawless Bathroom renovation services in Vaughan. Not long ago, the bathroom was considered a place of no interest. Now, homeowners spend a considerable chunk of their income on building classy bathrooms because they know the importance of beautifying this part of the house. Our professional crew of engineers, contractors, and assistance staff will provide premium bathroom remodeling deals in Vaughan. Canary Construction is a Toronto-based licensed bathroom restoration contractor with tons of experience and a long history of unforgettable renovating experiences.

We deal in

  • Remodeling of powder bathrooms in public buildings
  • Building ensuite bathrooms
  • Renovating master bathrooms
  • Restoring walk-in closets
  • Remodeling basement bathrooms 

End-to-End Bathroom Renovation In Vaughan

Equipped with a team of professionals, Canary Constructions will give solutions to all of your bathroom remodeling problems immediately. Focusing on your interest and range of investments, our designers will ensure you get the right fit for your bathroom within your budget. With our 3D visualization, you can see what the change will look like after implementation.

We are aware of unforeseen issues during the renovation process, and our expert contractors will ensure that you have to face minimum moving during the project. We are a committed bathroom recreating contractor operating in Vaughan, Toronto, to make every task hassle-free and seamless for the residing families to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. A renewal plan will enhance the value of your property, and it comes in handy for those trying to sell their houses shortly.

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Our Services

Renovation Vs. Remodeling In Vaughan

Not sure what to do with your filthy bathroom with damaged walls? We have got you covered with our free assessment opportunity, where you can take guidance from our counselors on whether you should renovate it or go for a full-fledged remodeling. Renovation is about covering the cracks and making replacements. On the contrary, remodeling is a long route that involves demolition, replacements, and construction to create a new structure. Although later is time-consuming and expensive, you will not regret it after having us along.


Possible Bathroom Additions

From small details to complete Renovation, our contractors can add a number of necessities to the bathroom to tailor it to your liking. Please give us an idea of your likes and dislikes, and our professional team of contractors and designers will take the lead in upgrading your shower area. We will replace bathtubs and heating tile flooring, add countertops, change worn-out tiles, substitute the sinks and lights, paint bathroom walls, and build a trendy vanity with waterproof material for you. The list does not end here because there is much more we can do for a rejuvenating experience.

What To Expect?

We genuinely prioritize your needs, and we will take care of minor details and mandatory supplies for the project’s timely completion. Our staff is skilled, qualified, licensed, insured, and trained to tackle complex bathroom construction issues. We provide free on-site inspections and budget estimations to help you decide on a better renovation route in GTA. A work permit is required before starting a renovation process, and we will submit it for you. We stand by our commitment and make sure to deliver the promised result without any delay.

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