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Expert Basement Renovation Contractors in North York

Consider your basement a blank canvas and start designing it as you envision. No matter if your basement is a small congested place, you can still perform multiple changes to make it a place you admire. Although remodeling a basement is a complex task and needs some serious investment, this will be worth spending, and it can generate massive revenue if you use it as a rental place.

Canary Construction is your qualified basement renovation contractor in Toronto with extensive knowledge and a firm grasp of renovation ideas and techniques. Tell us about your must-haves and leave the rest to us because as basement remodeling contractors, we know how to boost the functionality of a dark, confined place.

Unique Basement Makeover Ideas

  • Use It as A Rental Property or as Gym
  • Make It Your Workplace or Library
  • Turn It into A Bar or Add a Fireplace
  • Own An Underground Cinema or A Gaming Zone
  • Add Some More Space to Live with Your Family

What good Finishing the Basement will do for you?

As remodeling contractors, we know that basements are the most overlooked places in a house, and people don’t bother to spend anything for improvement. If you are short of options and want to know what to do with your small underground cellar, turn it into a place where you can spend some memorable moments with your family and friends. A finished basement could be a side business that can shower you with money if use it as a rental property. It will escalate the resale value of your house, and you will thank us for sincere guidance and flawless work.

You can transform a dark, ugly, stinky place into an energy-efficient basement. After proper insulation, the basement will maintain the inside environment because its impenetrable walls will not allow the energy exchange between the inside and outside environment. Start living in a beautifully finished basement to minimize the energy cost. Turning it into a cinema will be the best gift for your movie-lover child.

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How Will We Treat Your Basement In North York?

Equipped with modern technology and a dedicated team of members, we know the basic requirements to build a functional basement. We will help you to select a suitable color pattern, the right material, and the perfect design that will blend in with the furniture to add aesthetic value to your home. Apart from that, our engineers are well aware of basements’ height and width dynamics and they will create an easy-to-move basement even for a person over 6 feet. We can turn it into an open-concept basement or a place having individual rooms for multiple tenants to dwell.


Our Basement Remodeling Process In North York

While working as a professional basement refurbishing contractor in North York, we take a sincere interest in minor details because accuracy and carefulness are vital for the success of any plan. First, our expert will conduct an on-site visit for assessment, and then comes the discussion phase. We will discuss the possible plans after listening to your requirements list.

We will give an estimate of expenditures before starting the renovation. Then we will invite you to our workplace for design selection, and our general contractor will help you to pick a suitable one. Any basement remodeling in North York is impossible without having a work permit but you can stop thinking about it as our team will apply for the permit. Then comes the final stage, where we will bring your dream into this world.

Multitasking Basement Finishing Company In North York

Basement renovation could be messy, and our job is not done until we remove the last dust particle from your premises. We pledge to handle every aspect of basement renovation from plan to clean-up with proper care. In the beginning, we ensure furniture is removed and the remaining heavy items are covered to avoid paint spills and dust.

We use floor covers to minimize the cleaning hassle. We do fast waste removal and site clearance so you can dwell in your new basement. Being an expert basement renovator in Toronto, our specialty is balancing various tasks simultaneously. We are confident of finishing your basement timely. If you are finding a contractor with scalable recreating services in Toronto or nearby, call us for a detailed discussion.

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